Haryana CM Window Web Portal – Make & Track Complaints Online

At CM Haryana Cell, you can now track the status of your complaints made under CM Window, Haryana. All you need is your complaint number which would be required to track the status of your complaint in online mode.

Recently the government of Haryana state has decided to set up a ‘CM window’ at the secretariat in each district. It will help in the immediate receipt and uploading the complaints from people. CM window is proved to be a big step, especially in the large districts.
CM Window Haryana - Track complaints online
About CM Window Initiative: In order to bring a hassle free complaint tracking system, Chief Minister of the state had launched an online website and the app where you can submit your complaints with just one click. Manohar Lal Khattar ( Chief Minister, Haryana ) on 25th December 2014 launched a dedicated Haryana CM Window Website http://haryanacmoffice.gov.in on the occasion of “Good Governance Day”.

The website is cmharyanacell.nic.in where the citizen of Haryana state can submit their complaint and check the status of Govt.’s aims and progress. You’re just one click far from registering your complaint. This system has been launched by Mr. Khattar for online registration of people’s grievances.

You can get the response regarding your issues in very less time if you are registered at this portal. During the website launch, Mr. Khattar put some light on this initiative. ” Thousands of complaints are pending for many years and the Govt is damn serious to solve all these complaints. In Haryana state, corruption won’t be tolerated at all, he added.

Haryana CM Window Complaint Registration Online 2017

We are proud to have a chief minister who is making all possible efforts to show the transparency of the state government work. Chief Minister of Haryana is also active on social media website this time. You can get regular updates from CMO Haryana Twitter Handle, Facebook Page and Official website .

People have started submitting their complaints online by making use of CM Window Website and getting the response, the quicker way. If you have any complaint and are looking forward to track it online then do it soon. The Registrant will get SMS on their phone in the form of reply within one week of

The Registrant will get SMS on their phone in the form of reply within one week of online complaint registration at Haryana CM Grievance Cell website. Basically, this IT-based platform will help significantly in filling up the gap between common man and government.

The website URL haryanacmoffice.gov.in has been designed similar to PMO India website and link to Prime Minister of India website is also given along with Social networking sites.

Website content is viewable in three major languages i.e Hindi, English, and Punjabi. ” Share your Ideas ” and ” Public Suggestions ” are two major options that you can use to share your thoughts over the Haryana CM Window website.

How to Track Complaints Online Using CM Grievances Redress & Monitoring System, Haryana

To track your complaint status, first of all, you should have registered it by visiting CM Window in D.C Office or any Minister’s Office or Chief Minister’s main office. After registering your complaint any of mentioned address, you will get ” Complaint Number “.

This Complaint Number can be used to track online status of your complaint at CM Grievances Redress & Monitoring System,Haryana website.

Haryana Govt. Will ask on the phone if your problem got sorted out or not !

Last year while speaking at a program in Gurgaon (now Gurugram), Mr. CMO Haryana told the media that call centers are created for monitoring the complaints received via CM Window Haryana.

The online system will be modified with better navigation and techniques. Under the new scheme, complaint makers will get a response via phone to confirm if the problem got resolved or not.

CM Window Haryana – Track complaints using Android Application

Due to the overwhelmed response towards the CM Window, A complaint tracking system, the government of Haryana has launched an Android application for the same purpose. By using CM Window Android Application, you can Track Status of public complaints on your phone easily.

The application was developed by NIC (HISAR) – HRSC which has thousands of installs now. This app is less than 1 MB in size and can be very much beneficial to you.

Data & Actions Taken by Government

  1. According to The Tribune, the complaints are rising at the CM Window system. The Haryana Police department still has the maximum number of complaints against it.
  2. A few days back, about 100 senior officers faced the strict actions from the government due to not addressing the complaints with 30-days timeline.
  3. According to most of the readers, the employees aren’t taking the web-based system seriously.
  4. As on Sept 2, 2016, the appointment of Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associates (CMGGA) in Haryana has reduced the pendency of applications received on CM Window on an average by 10-15 percent.
  5. As on November 14, about 2.20 lakh complaints have been received by the Chief Minister (CM) Window out of which maximum complaints have been resolved. According to Times of India Newspaper, the CM Window program failed because there are thousands of complaints which are not getting redressed.

The Government should either make citizens accountable for resolving the complaint submitted at CM Window  as they are performing the shoddy investigation and making the mockery of state govt system.

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  1. jai sorout

    Its not workable because it take too long time resolve complaint and senior officer take action immediatelybut lower officer not give response in given time period that take too Long time….

  2. Satnarain

    Respected sir, I have given a complaint at CM window vide No CMOFF/2016/089067dt 18 Nov 2016 but since that no action has been taken till date sir you again requested please go through the case and remove all elegal construction made by others

  3. अनिल कुमार

    सर में करनाल जिले से हु सरकार द्वारा ना तो कच्ची नौकरी निकली जा रही है और न ही कोई पक्की हमारी जिंदगी खराब हो रही हैं नौकरी की उम्र भी निकल रही है आजकल काेइ भरती भी पुरी नही हो पाइ कृपा करके अाप खुद कोइ फसला ले हमें आप से बहुत उम्मीद है


  4. Ravinder

    Respected cm sir I am Ravinder from lalgarh tehsil & district palwal , I give a complaint no.22570 at cm window on 19,2,2015 ,enquiry done by beo palwal ,and on the report of beo palwal dharam public school sultanpur is faulty but till date no action against this school

  5. Prof(Dr)Mohinder Kumar(Whistle blower)

    CM window Haryana has failed to redress the problem of citizen and none of my problems are redressed even after meeting Mr. Bhupashwar Dayal, OSD, CM Haryana personally on 17/1/2017 in CM Haryana residence (base camp office) because even Mr.R.K.Khullar,PSCM is involved in corruption refer CMOFF/N/2017/022783 and CM Haryana is made aware of it
    They should learn from CM Yogi Aditya Nath otherwise BJP will not come back to power in Haryana.


    Respected Sir,
    I am a resident of vill Matanhail (poli pana) in Jhajjar distt.There is no water supply since 25-30 years. There r two water works in Matanhail.When new water works was not ready, it was said that u r on tail then water supply is not possible.And now second water work is functioning,the authority is saying that there is disputed land where the pipe line should be laid.I already complaint to SDO Jhajjar. And toll free no. complaint no. 135034.And CM WINDOW complaint no.CMOFF/N/2016/102638.
    MR Rajender singh SDO Jhajjar replies against these complaints that there is disputed land.But when i met him personlly he says that there is no pipes to lay.
    SIR , I wants to ask that if there is dispute in some case,could it ban the basic needs of someone.
    I buy water at higher cost,not only me there r 25-30 houses r affected from this. Can u do something. My contact no.is 8866221962.
    With positively hope.
    yours sincerely,
    Subhash suhag

  7. Rajat Aggarwal

    Not a single doctor available at night in kalka civil hospital
    Sugar and BP machine not working
    Only nurses are available at night
    They just refers the person to sec 6 Panchkula civil hospital
    Their also sugar and BP machine not working Young doctor available at night in Panchkula civil hospital
    They don’t understand what the problem is

  8. Reena Rani

    Cm Sahib sir, I have submitted a complaint cmoff/n/2017/029014 dated 17-3-2017 reg termination of Sh Narender Kumar From PHD From Dheenbandhu Chhotu Ram University Murthal. Roll N0s. Attached with complaint. A FIR No.72 dated 26-1-2017 has been lodged in police city Thanesar against culprit. but complaint is still lying in cm office Chandigarh. kindly arrange to take n/a at the earlist pl.

  9. society

    A compldint no 060542 in the year 2016 is lodged against Dhbvn kanhai Gurgaon.
    It was alleged that a theft of electricity was reported in his newly constructed society flat.
    He was not aware nor present. Whfn he went for a connection he was informed there is a theft case against thaf flat.
    He refused to settle privately, collected documents under RTI.
    Here he got a Dhbvn letter dhieung orbskty if Rs.54000/- approx.
    He got another letter showing theft of Rs.3122/-
    But the staff involved suggesting settlement got deposited Rs.114000/-
    When complaint is lodged through CM window
    Dhbvn claims challan was for Rs.117628/- and closed file.
    The matter is posted here to publically expose corruption .
    When there is no Rs.117628/- and there is signed letter received under RTI for ,54000/-
    How can CM office allow closure of complaint
    Why officers handling are not questioned and action initiated to stop corruption in Dhbvn
    How it is that Rs.54000/- letter denied ?
    Trust action of cheating is initiated against mis reporting

  10. Mahak Singh Kundu

    CM window is just to make people fool. We have logged a complaint CMOFF/IN/2017/002571.Anybody can see, there is no result. Even we got a stamp of Rs 10.in Rs20. Which is mostly available in every district of haryana. You can see that there is corruption in beginning of every task. The corruption is as big as the task. We thought that haryana government is as successful as the central government but the haryana government is totally failed.

    • Hariom Yadav Koslia

      i do agree with you. we will have to awake ourselves to make masses move against this slow poison of false promises rendered by CM office but no action in reality is being taken on ground.CM/OFF/IN/2016/101203,& CM/OFF/IN/2017/015063 has been raised by me but in both I have been blamed without any genuine inquiry being undertaken, I am a pensioner and served the country (Indian Air Force) for 20 regular years. Honorable CM saheb gives the slogan “Haryana ek- Haryanvi Ek” to reap the political benefits but when it comes for the welfare of a grieved party then it disappears from their radar of mind.I have remain a true soldier of the ‘Bharat Mata’, hence will not bow before such an corrupted administrative machinery, who don’t have mind of their own and just pass & forward the reports to their higher officials in hierarchy & get rid of it despite someone’s (like me) life is on stake.Bureaucrats & higher police rank officers are enjoying their powers by offering unnecessary favors to criminals and anti social elements who can exchange a huge bribe in lieu of that, like my father-in-law Mr. Ved Prakash Yadav (9810191068).

  11. Om Prakash Pradhan Adhikari (Radio) Ministry of defence

    I approach to preliminary Information officer district Mahendergarh at Narnaul on 01 Feb 16 (RM-140976427IN dated 01 Feb16) for information as per RTI act 2005. No replies received in time than I approach to First Appellate officer at Commissioner office at gurgaon on 12 Mar 16(RM-157857204IN dated 12 Mar16) for information as per RTI act 2005. First Appellate officer sent letter to Narnaul SP and DC office after that DC office staff sent a letter at Kanina and kanina office given few information improper way and not as per my satisfaction and rest information hide and all higher formation not taken any action.
    My Commanding officer made Two letter to DC Mahendergarh at Narnaul, SP Mahendergarh Mahendergarh and SHO Kanina Letter No-259 dated 14 Apr 15 and 15 Oct 15 in place of doing any legal action against the accused my neighbour and family member only harassed in false allegation case case by accused Mr Satyawan Sharma S/o Sh Rameshwar Sharma. I approach IG South range, Rewari Haryana (RL-461936122IN dated 14 May 16) then also No FIR and Investigation than I applied for RTI at IG South range, Rewari Haryana (RL-634888839IN dated 09 Jul 16) then also No FIR and Investigation against accuse.
    I approach to preliminary Information officer vigilance, Gurgaon for making false document and doing malpractice with tehsildar Kanina and other admin authority. I have request lauge FIR and Investigate on 26 May 16 then also No FIR and Investigation against accuse. Than I applied for RTI preliminary Information officer vigilance, Gurgaon they make a letter Headquarter Vigilance Panchkula. DG State Vigilance Headquarter Punch Kulla make a letter (9338/ Shikayat/449/ Gurgaon dated 12 Jul 16) to DG police headquarter Panchkula till now False Damage Control is Only Done by Police. Either Police document which ever I have received till now is either made by Mr Satyawan Or satyawan document is made by police members. No FIR and Investigation against accuse.
    I have inform this matter to my Local MLA Mrs Santosh Yadav(Cabinet Minister), Prof Rambilash Sharma and my MP Mr Dharmbir Singh by phone and document sent by registered mail on 02 Jun 16. After that I write approx 27 complaint till Mid Mar 17. But no result till now. I request do needful for me for early justice because Mr Satyawan Sharma have made false document in my land case.

  12. संजय सिंह

    सेवा में
    श्रीमान मुख्यमंत्री जी
    हरियाणा सरकार चंडीगड़
    विषय हुड्डा विभाग की बेसकीमती जमीन पर अवैध् कब्जे के खिलाफ शिकायत पत्र
    श्रीमान जी निवेदन इस प्रकार है कि गांव एतमादपुर सैक्टर 30 फरीदाबाद के सरकारी स्कूल के तीन तरफ दंबग लोगो ने अवैध् कब्ज़ा करके अवैध् वसूली की जा रही है पहले यहाँ पर कच्चे कब्जे थे लेकिन श्रीमान जी अब यहाँ पर पक्के मकान बनाये जा रहे है और गांव के सरकारी स्कूल के मेन गेट से और मेन रोड तक रास्ते के दोनों तरफ पूरी तरह से कब्ज़ा किया हुआ है यहाँ पर स्कूल के गेट पर एक पानी का अवैध् ट्यूबेल करके उसे टेकरो में भर कर बेच जा रहा है और स्कूल के गेट के सामने ही मीट मार्किट भी बना रखी है जिसकी सिखायत मेने उपयुक्त फरीदाबाद,हुड्डा प्रशाशक,और तीन बार cm विन्डो पर भी सिखायत दे चुका हूँ लेकिन कोई भी अधिकारी कार्यवाही करने को तैयार नहीं है और सिखायतो पर मन घडन्त कहानी बनाकर शिखायतो को बन्द करा देते है
    अतः श्रीमान जी जाहित में प्रार्थना है कि हुड्डा की बेस कीमती जमीन को अवैध् कब्जाधारियों से खाली करा कर इस जमीन को गांव के सरकारी स्कूल को दे दी जाये और कब्ज़ा करने वालो के खिलाफ सख्त से सख्त क़ानूनी कार्यवाही की जाये आपकी अति कृपया होगी.

  13. t.k.arora

    Dear CM Sahab,
    i appreciate that with haryana govt guidellines HUDA has started the e-auctions of plots since nov’16 but i want to bring your notice to the fact that dist. Estate officers are not transparently taking decisions for allotment of plots
    if there is a reserved price for plot and there is even a single bid more than that price , they should allot the plot to that bidder but they are rejecting such highest bidder claims just without giving proper justification without any transparency and not following the terms and conditions mentioned in e-auction.
    may i request you to instruct HUDA to allot plots to single bidders without any condition since there is no rule/terms/condition mentioned in e-auction notice/tenders.
    hoping for your positive intervention and decision.
    tk arora

  14. Radhika

    I was shortlisted for scholarship in 12th class from CBSe board but due to some reason I did not receive any amount .please it’s a urgent request to send amount of scholarship as I belong to very poor family so please help me .as i need amount for further studies

  15. V. D. SHARMA

    Dear Sir,
    I self VD sharma.465/11 Rattan garden Gurgaon Haryana 122001. I have complain lot of time for our Sewer overflow in Nagar Nigam Gurgaon Hr. to Mr. Satveer (Sewer in-charge) but to till now no any action against our complain. Due to overflow our home full of water in ground flow, lot’s of colony person suffering this problem.last 4 months.

    I also suffering water supply i complain regarding to Mr. Kuldeep (J.E water supply) last one years but no any thing regarding this. our water supply no continue daily basics water supply as odd and even system.

    i hope that you take action as soon as possible.


    Dear Sir

    we are not happy with new budget 2017 because there is noting benificial for general cast.thats waywe are not happy . you are requested to do some thing in general favour. please also take some rules/decision in favour of genral cast. so that a genral cast parson also can llive a easy life. please also meet with arun jetli sir.and discus all genral cast person’s problem and let me know all about discusion

  17. BALWAN SHARMA, MOBILE 9468082442

    For the last about two years I have been forwarding the grievances to the CM about a street through the Prime Minister of India’s portal, Zee TV, Total TV, CM Haryana, Local Bodies Minister Haryana, MP of Hisar Constituency, Deputy Commissioner, Hisar, XEN Municipal Corporation, Hisar, but the street of about 350′ long has not been constructed as yet by the XEN, Municipal Corporation, Hisar. All the times the XEN sends reply to the DC, Hisar that case is already sent to the MP and as and when funds received from the MP quota the street would be constructed. What is a joke? No street of Hisar town has been got constructed from the funds of MP then how this particular street has been marked to construct it out of funds of MP. All officers of highly salaried including DC-Hisar, Director Urban Local Bodies, Haryana, Administrative Secretary, Local Bodies, Haryana, Chief Minister office etc. through which grievances routed have never asked why this street is not constructed from the funds of Municipal Corporation when hundreds of streets are being constructed by it. These officers only work a.s Postmen who deliver dak to me on what shape and size they receive from XEN, Municipal Corporation, Hisar. This street is situated in Shivaji Colony, Azad Nagar, Hisar and its length about 350′ long and 20′ wide. About 20 houses are housed in this street. Nobody can pass through this street particularly in rainy days.

    • Suraj Parkash Tuteja

      Dear BALWAN SHARMA, Why do you expect that with CMWindow, PMWindow and host of other such illusive portals, Haryana, or India has attained status of Ram Rajya ? Both above and other portals are handled by the same corrupt bureaucracies fuly determined to protect fellows of the same feather. Even where is punitive clause in RTI, babus donot bother, and can drag matters till you are tired and dead. But in CM and PM Windows, there is not even such a punitive clause, and you can keep on reminding for tens of times, nobody bothers. In fact, these portals are actually harassing aggrieved already harassed by Babus, and are basically counter productive. The ideas are good, but till such time that but not till the culprits are asked to themselves handle the public grievances. and these are implemented honestly and in spirit

      Suraj Parkash

      • Kunj Bihari

        I fully agree with the comments of Suraj Parkash.The complaints are marked to whom, who are the actual cause of the problems.Instead of solving the problems they try to create more hurdles & time spending tactics, for which they are perfect mastermind. Thus instead of solution the citizens get worth harassment

  18. sandeep saini(ynr)

    Dear sir
    I request you many govt. And non govt. Naukri Vacancy required high range of draft that is up to 100 please stop it and required minimam range because many intaligent and well performance people not fill vacancy due to high range draft so sir I request please action this
    Thanku sir

  19. Pulkit

    Respected CM
    i request to u & PM. Please banned the (Rs2000) because the notes aviable in market DUBLICATE & people not Seen the note was real or not & i request to CM & PM to banned the money & deposite the money in BANK but ONE RULE Issue bank deposite the money but that money who’s withdraw the money & deposite the money (means) jetna paise nekalwae utna paise jama kra ge extra nhi kra ge (BLACK MONEY END……….).

    • ResultWay Team

      भाई साहब हिंदी में बोल देते तो शायद अच्छे से बयाँ कर पाते अपने विचार.

  20. ishwar singh

    Dear Sir.

    Please my application number is CMOFF/N/2016/051742 Date is 22-07-2016 in Rewari(Bawal). But so no complaint solution is that time.

  21. karnail kour widow w/o sh.Late mehar Singh

    नम्सकार मुख्यमंत्री हरि याणा जी मै विधवा करनैल कौर पत्नी मेहर सिहं उगाला जिला अम्बाला कि स्थाई निवासी हुं ! मेरे पति दी शाहबाद को ओपरिटीव मारकिटिंग सोसायटी लि० शाहबाद मा० मे टरक ङराइवर के पद पर कायॅरत थे उनका देहान्त 20.10.2005 को हो गया था लेकिन आज तक विभाग ने हरियाणा सरकार की नियमानुसार चलाई गई स्कीम के अनुसार हमे कोई भी  सरकार की कर्मचारी की मरने पर दी जाने वाली सुविधा से वचिंत रखा गया और बाक़ी सभी कर्मचारीयों को सारी सुविधाऐं दी गई है तो सर फिर हमे क्यों इन सुविधा से वचिंत रखा गया आपसे अनुरोध है कि हमे पिछली सरकारो की तरह ना सोचकर हमें इन्साफ दिलवाया जाऐ आपकी आभारी रहुंगी धन्यवाद सहित करनैल कौर पत्नी मेहर सिहं उगाला अम्बाला

  22. Mamchand verma

    Sir my age is 62 and still Govt is not giving pension to me as well as also to my wife The concerned officer is demanding school certificate As I am totally illiterate I am very much poor please help me as soon as possible.

  23. Ravi Shankar Gupta

    Respected sir,

    There is a showroom near my factory area in Sarurpur in the name of RSPL from whom I have taken some land space on lease rentals. Due to rental disputes The owner Varnika Gupta and Rajeev Gupta ( 9810155298) have illegally encroached the area using manpower, the space contains my machinery and has disturbed the normal working operations.
    Such illegal manhandling and men sitting outside the factory premesis has created an atmosphere of threat and distress among the labor working in the factory.

    Immediate intervention is required for the same.
    Please provide some kind of security to the proprietor Mr.Ravi Shankar Gupta whose life is endangered due to these continuous threats. Frequent calls have been received by him for an illegal and unjustified amount of Rs. 7.5 Lacs on lines similar to ransom for clearing the encroached area. Please take action into this matter immediately.

    Ravi Shankar Gupta

  24. Ravi Shankar Gupta

    Respected Sir,
    This application is to bring in your notice that I lodged a complaint about the removal of crucial programs by the programmer.COMPLAINT NO-3445/C8 DATE-24/09/2016. But no action has been taken so far and we have not received any feedback till now. Kindly consider our problem and provide us with a fruitful result.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  25. kuber singh

    Kuber Singh s/o madam lal
    Village jalalpur post suthana tehsil bawal district rewari
    Dear sir in my village the electricity come at very low percentage 7 or 8 hour maximum
    My study goes on very bad condition plz help us sir I do msc with physics I face many other problem plz sir help us

  26. Manish Kaushik

    Sir I Manish Kaushik R/o Pota Teh. KANINA Distt. Mohindergarh have been struggling for last three years for stopping water pollution near BABA BHRAMPURI Temple. But altimetely it dies at BDPO office. The main root for not doing this work is BDPO KANINA. Kindly take strict against him. This type of officers are spoiling your image in public. I am much grieved of this officer. My complain no .is CMOFF/N/2016/091539. I have submitted all my documents of last three years process at BDPO office on 22/11/2016. Sir this officer is at this place from last many years. So he is driving his own. Kindly take seriously this pious deed. Awaiting a positive response.

  27. Man Singh

    Dear CM my complaint no.is CM/OFf/2016/075383 dt.21_9_2016.It is pending with SDE SURVEY HUDA Faridabad in the same way as our applications since last ten years approximately

  28. Mohan Lal Narang

    Respected CM Haryana,
    I would like to submit here that I made a request at CM window Fatehabad vides no. CMOFF/N/16/003935 dated 21/01/2016 regarding construction of modern library at Distt. Headquarter, Fatehabad, but the same has been disposed off by the authority concerned without doing any thing in the matter.

    Sir, Distt. Fatehabad was come into existence during 1997 and distt. library was set up temporarily in the litigation hall of old court Fatehabad and now the same has been shifted to in a corner of old building of BDPO, Fatehabad. The books of the library have been locked up in the rooms/store and there is no proper reading room resulting in readers are facing difficulties. The building of library is also not approachable to the readers/students general public.

    It is worth stated here that there are two PG Colleges (one for women and other co-edu), One Polytechnic College, one ITI and so many Middle/secondary/Sr. Secondary Schools(Govt./Privates) at Fatehabad Distt, headquarter and surrounding villages, but in this digital age, students and readers are deprived from their rights to equip themselves with the current knowledge and literature also due to lack of proper modern library.

    It is thus, I being a member of readers group and convener of Nagrik Adhikar Manch, Fatehabad urge to construct a new building for modern Library in a available space in the old court campus, Fatehabad.
    with regards: Mohan Lal Narang, Jagjiwan Pura Fatehabad M:9416224620.

  29. Hari Singh S.S.M

    RESPECTED C.M.Haryana Sir, I have registered a complaintno cmoff/N/2016/052158 on dated 22/07/2016 Still pending ,no action has been taken by the department.please take necessary action.

  30. Mohan Lal Narang

    Respected CM Haryana,
    complaint no. CMOFF/N/2016/003940 has been disposed off by the DC Fatehabad/SDM Fatehabad without compliance. So please necessary direction may please be imparted to the concerned to do the need full immediately.
    with regards

  31. Vikram

    I want to give one suggestion that government of India bain 500 ,1000 rupees haryana government take advantage of it to clear pandding Bill & take advance amount for electricity bill it increases health of electricity boards it will help government to collect revenue from public

  32. Kajal Firani

    Dear Sir,
    I have complained about our locality and it has been registered by 26/08/2016.. we are facing a lot of problems from last thirty years and complaint every where from municipal committee to cm window still no action has been taken by the government.. can you tell me where will we go now???
    Complaint Number- CMOFF/N/2016/064601


    I had complaint about my pension and gratuity which must be released after one month of my retirement. C.M. itself is also a member of our organisation RSS. He has lived with us for many days. He is very familaiar to Gita School Kurukshetra. Today 7 months have been passed but my case can not be resolved. So it is of no use. I had send many emails to D.C. DEO. C.M. Education director. It is of no use to complaint but it is worthy now to case in court against corrupt person if time. So now I am trying to go to court.

    • KunjBihari

      ‘Inder Pal Ji Sabar Karo’ I am waiting for the same from 456 days til death

  34. Harjeet Singh

    Dear respected Sir, we have submite the complaint in cm window on dtd.20-09-2016 complaint no.CMOFF/N/2016/075106 but no action in this complaint.i request to you please action in this complaint as soon as possible.

  35. Ramesh kumar

    Dear sir
    It is very sad that no any solution given by cm window last two years due to my complained no.01030 cmoff/n 2014 but disposed without solution

  36. Himank Makkar

    Respected Sir,

    I am Himank a resident of Ambala and I am pursuing my Degree in Animation & Multimedia through a private Institute named OXL School of Multimedia, now Orane. (Chandigarh)

    It is a private institute and is affiliated to KSOU (Karnataka State Open University), Also has a has a National coordinator named Mindtreck which deals with the Degree. Its been a long time that i am struggling for the degree. Also i have not received my 2nd year and 3rd year DMC.
    I am not the only one facing this problem but there many of my fellow mates facing the same issue.

    Kindly help with a solution.

    Himank Makkar

  37. hari parkash

    Ye cm window sirf logo ki patience check karne k liye bani hai kya jab kuch hota hini hai yaha pe toh fayda kya hai iska……..kuch ni ho sakta is desh ka jaha sab system corrupted ho jaha ka management hi corrupted ho waha corruption khatam kaise ho sakta hai

  38. ashwani kumar

    Cm window par suggestion dene ka means hota hai ki minister sir take a correct decision
    But in my case minister ji not take a good decision
    I can say about this
    This is only paper work not a real work doing
    So respected sir if you cant take correct decision than off this cm window office
    This is fake in my words and views


    REG. NO. CMOFF/N/2016/048802

  40. Sumit ....

    If anybody complained against me. How to find this complaint on cm window..

  41. Hav Pradeep

    Sir, I am a Soldier of Indian Army. I presently posted in Jammu & Kashmir. My wife is want to participate in clerk exam but she does not download her provisional admit card. Request Sir, please give him one chance for download her provisional admit card. Jai Hind Jai Bharat

    • ResultWay Team

      Hello Sir,
      First’s of all Salute to you as we are very proud of our soldiers and you guys are awesome. I think there is no way to get the provisional admit card now because the commission had already extended the last date up to 31st August 2016. Sorry, but nothing can be done about this. Still you may try to contact the HSSC officials about your concern using this page.

  42. Dr Satinder Dev

    I filed complaint nos. CMOFF/N/2015/03484, CMOFF/N/2015/03496, CMOFF/n/2015/03504,
    CMOFF/N/2015/03524, CMOFF/N/2015/22041.
    I am sorry to say that all complaints status show that these have been disposed off without any solution.
    What is the use of CM window?

  43. Krishan Lal Malik

    I had filed a complaint against Amit Guliya regarding corruption.My two complaints have been filed without my comments. I have filed 3rd complaint along with affidavit.will the govt take action against Amit Guliya and all those who are sending false report to help Amit Guitar. My complaints nos are CMOFF/N/2015/44736 dt 9_4_2015
    No.110040 dt 5-11-2015
    No.045964 dt 6-7-2016

    • विक्रम

      मनेजर कुछ भी माननेको तैयार नही है

  44. Avinash Chander

    Kindly advice what to do or how to contact CM directly,if complaint registered on portail shown as dispossed off without even going through contents of complaint and report of same office against whome the complaint is made which has no relations with contents of grievances

  45. Anil Kumar

    Dear Sir.

    Wanted to know the Current Grievance Status CMOFF/N/2015/106405 the same pending at Chief Secretary Office +Secretary Vigilance but till the time no updated about on the .
    For your information this we very very urgent case

    • deep singh


      Dear Sir.

      Please my application number is CMOFF/N/2016/084717 Date is 18-10-2016 in Narnaul. But so no complaint solution is that time.

    • Mohan Lal Narang, Convenor Town Park Nirman Sngharash Samiti, Fatehabad-125050

      Respected Sir,
      I would like to submit here that I had lodged complaint in the CM window vide no. CM/Off/N/2016/003940 regarding delay in construction of public park and Primary School in the available land of old court complex, Fatehabad. It is worth mentioned that the Government of Haryana allotted the land measuring 9 canal to the Nagar Parishad Fatehabad and similarly 9 canal to the Education Department for the construction of Primary School.

      The Nagar parishad Fatehabad got registered the allotted land in 2015. we the members of society have since long been persuading both the matter i.e regarding demolishing of existing buildings in the old court complex and constructions of park and school with the respected DC and SDM.

      We met the respected officers several times for the said purposes and they assured us that public park would be constructed within one month and they repeatedly the same language i.e one month as and when we met. And more than one year has been elapsed, but all in vain.

      We the members of society surprise to see the status that our grievances have been disposed off in spite of redressing. I would also state that there are 16 residential colonies in the area i.e Jagjiwan pura, Yog Nagar, Sunder Nagar, Choudhary colony, Bima Colony, Bigher Road, RK colony, DSP Road, Lajpat Nagar, Bhima Basti etc. etc. having dense population, but no public park available for them.

      People residing in these colonies are compelled to morning and evening walk on the crowded roads and polluted environment and many people met with fatal and non fatal accident during the walk due to stray cattle and rash driving.

      Women and children cannot think for morning and evening walk in such situation. It is therefore, I would like request the hon’ble CM Haryana to look into the matter personally and get redress the grievances of the public by issuing time bound directions to the concerned districts authorities.

      • Amit

        CM Saheb
        I Amit Goel submitted the complaint of EMO GH 6 dr Abha on 02.02.17 vide complaint no. CMOFF/N/2017/0012367 at CM window. After that CMO pkl make a committee of 2 doctors for the inquiry. But after two sittings of the committee it clearly indicates that no fair inquiry will be done because from 1 st day it is clear that they are sheltering the culprit.
        I write all about this to CMO pkl but of no use they don’t even provide me the cctv footage of that day nor change the inquiry officers.
        As I clearly know in advance same happened they filed my complaint on 07.07.17 because the doctor on guilty is having strong from political back and I am a local simple man.
        I think these rules are for common man only because it is very shocking that they filed my complaint on false and bogus ground.
        so here I once again request you to kindly restart the inquiry and whoever is on fault whether if me also than punish who is on fault also mark the inquiry of the committee members who befooled us all if my complaint is found correct
        Hope for fast and fair enquiry
        thanking you

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